Pancakes with fresh cabbage

For the dough: 6 tablespoons Spoon flour, 2 cups kefir or prostokvashi, 2 eggs, 1 / 3 tsp salt, 1 tbs of vegetable oil, 200 grams of finely narublennoy very fresh cabbage. For frying: 100 g butter-margarine.
Eggs vzbit, connect with kefir or prostokvashey, add salt, sugar, flour and zamesit lush, light, polugustoe dough, and add the finely chopped fresh cabbage. Pancakes chops on both sides. Serve with smetana. Pancakes can cook cabbage with no flour. To do so, cabbage very finely to chop up, and allow the eggs to add so much to get connected dough. Fry pancakes. Brassicaceae without flour pancakes can be recommended to patients diabetes.

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