Cucumbers canned

Cucumbers 6 pc., Salt 90 onwards, bitter pepper 1 / 3 pc., Vinegar essence 1 h. l., horseradish 1 / 2 sheet leaves currant 5 pc., flowering dill 1 line, garlic 1 head.
A fresh cucumbers cut ends with the two sides and put them in cold water for 6 hours (and can be more). At odnolitrovuyu Bank: The Bank of sterilized at the bottom 5 leaves black currant and a flowering tree chopped dill. Zatolkat washed cucumbers in the bank as possible denser. Add chischennuyu head garlic, horseradish half of the sheet and one third very bitter pepper (piece of pepper length about 2 cm). Fill boiling water through the 3-minute merging and fill water boiling rassolom (for one liter of water 90 g. salt). Top nalit one tea spoon vinegar essence. Rolling sterilized lid. Notes: spices should not be many, it is desirable to take water from the well.

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