Very tasty liver tortik

1 kg. liver, 1 glass of manna cereals, 2 eggs, salt, pepper black pepper, 250 d. mayonnaise, 3-4 pc. archery onions, 4-5 periodontal garlic, 2 boiled egg yolks
Pechenku blankets, dried, remove the film. Cut in pieces, skip through the Mincer, mannuyu cereal mixture and leave for 30 minutes. Vzbit mixer raw eggs with salt, pepper and other spices (to taste) red. Pour in eggs and pechenku Mix thoroughly. Skokovrodku to bring to a great heat, nalit sunflower oil, a thin layer that covered the bottom. Of the masses gathered baked pancakes, obzharivaya with 2 sides at half a minute (to get about 5 pancakes). Onions finely cut onion, bacon in a little sunflower oil until sweet color. Chill. Garlic crush, mix with mayonnaise and onions. Received "cream" grease "pancakes." On top tortik rubbed boiled egg yolks, you can sprinkle Grated cheese, etc.

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