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14 eggs, 950 grams of sugar, 600 grams of flour, 500 grams slivoch-nogo oil, 500 grams of milk, 100 grams of chocolate or ka-kao, 250 g rublenogo almonds, 50 g brandy.
Preparation biskvitnoy foundation: Mix at weak-fire 8 eggs with 200 grams of sugar sand until thickens. Add 200 g flour, and place all slightly. The resulting dough evenly layer to cause blurry butter and flour bestrewn protiven long as possible and size 30 х40 see bake in the oven heated average of about half an hour. Then cool, cut horizontally into 3 equal parts of a length 40 cm and a width of 10 cm These layers are designed for the manufacture of the very man. Preparation sand foundation: Of purified almonds, missed through Mincer, 2 eggs, 350 grams of flour, 200 grams of oil and 200 grams of sugar dough to make shortbread cookies. In his velvety seam thickness 0.5 cm and a length of 40 see this seam is for postamenta man, which is why he should have a width of not less than 12 - 14, see it on protiven Place and baking in the oven heat median. Preparation for impregnating syrup cake: Remaining 200 g sugar cook with 300 grams of water, add the brandy and cool. Preparation zavarnogo cream: Of the 4 eggs, 60 grams of flour, 150 grams of sugar, milk, chocolate or cocoa cream and cook zavarnoy cool it. Preparation oil cream: Of the 300 grams of oil and 200 grams of sugar to make oil well whipped cream and mix it with ostyvshim cream cake. Laissez cake: Finished seams designed for stump, pour syrup, grease their thick cream and cake at one another. The upper edges of the reservoir to level with a knife to get more round. With the two sides drawn up in such a way man with a knife cut on the triangular piece to get the type of man, izrub-lennogo ax. Pieces, cut triangle, sort of 3-4 places on the top or sides issued biskvita like obrublennyh knots. Then grease the top and penalties on all sides with chocolate cream and repair rippled with a knife or special scallop confectionery to get a semblance of rough tree bark. Edges multiple knots and oily cream white grease to give them the type of heart Stump, izrublennogo ax. Flat postament from sandy to test at the plate, and sprinkle the sugar sand, painted in green. At postament put cooked cake and decorate podkrashennym green oily cream issued through a thin tube or bag of confectionery in the form kornetika leaf fern, or something similar. Ornaments can be supplemented by small fungi, constructed separately from the Merengue. Well cooled cake. At a sandy postament of dough can not do in this case, cake on cake immediately suitable for the size and form of meal.

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