Neapolitan pizza

0.5 kg of wheat flour the class, 0.5 kilograms of tomatoes, 20 g of yeast slabs, 5 st.l. olive oil, 12 pc. salted anchovies (fillet), 100 grams of black olives, 1 cloves garlic, mild dushitsa (fresh or dried), salt, pepper black pepper.
Offer your attention one of the classic Italian recipes famous pizza. Dissolve yeast in warm water to the liquid poluchilas PAP, to give it a bit to come. Sieve flour on the table, to salt, mixed with yeast, add 3 spoons of olive oil and as much hot water so you can zamesit more dense, homogeneous and easy to emerging dough. After this slightly to pour some more dough of flour, put in a suitable dishes, towels cover and allow it to come at room temperature to be increased by half (about 2-3 hours). Clear tomatoes, and allow them to spasserovat rastertym garlic. Phil anchovies rinsed under running water. Podoshedshee dough again zamesit that it opened bubbles from the air, and place it in flour obsypannuyu low round form in 0.5, see layer then rub his tomato paste and leave stripes on the circle of 2 cm clean test, and beautify herbs and olives. Poperchit but are no prisalivaya, sprinkle dushitsey pokapat and two tablespoons of vegetable oil. Wet fingers sformovat to curb decorative circle, and finally bake all around for 20 minutes in a well-heated oven. File a hot pizza.

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