Infusion "Assorted"

1 kg. strawberry, 1 kg. apricots, 1 kg. raspberries, 1 kg. cherry, 1 kg. black currant, 2.5 kg. sugar, 5 liters of vodka.
In summer, when ripe berries, a 3-liter bottle alternately nasypayut first 1 kg. strawberry, peresypav berries 500 g. of sugar. when apricots appear in the same bottle nasypayut beyond strawberries 1 kg. apricots, putting the same amount of sugar, then in the same way nasypayut gradually raspberries, cherries, black currant, peresypaya sugar each time. From the outset bottle with berries place in the sun by closing neck gauze. After backfilling the last class berries bottle kept in the sun additional 2 weeks. Then pours vodka at the rate of 1 liter of 1 kg. berry, close pores cork and put at 1 month refrigerated. Then protsezhivayut, Cordial cast in a bottle, cork pores. Serve Cordial table can later 3 - 4 months.

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