1 glass flakes ovsyanyh, 50 g butter, 2 st.l. raisins, 2 st.l. walnut (finely narublennyh), 4 st.l. sugar
To melt butter in the pan, to pour in ovsyanye flakes and heat during 4-5 minutes on average flames. When the flakes become light brown color and the characteristic odor (it is you really like), add the raisins, nuts and sugar, and toss everything should fry another 1-2 minutes. Better Serve hot with milk. Instead of sugar can be put honey and walnuts replaced by any other. With one proviso: honey is not heated, so it can be after remove the eggs with the fire. This general advice for cooking eggs, and you can put more oil ... or some space ... or even something to add, in general fantaziruyte, is the same iskusstvo- to cook! Perhaps there is not one person today who did not try this excellent nutritious meal, which until recently was unknown to anyone in our country. It is almost like all but one, he has a less-is not very cheap. Today, I invite you to cook eggs present itself, which not only will cost you a cheap, but you budute znat- firmly that there are no additives and dyes. This will be an excellent breakfast for anyone.

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