"Meat for the spring"

Meat (ed) 500 gr., Eggplants 2 pcs., Tomatoes 4-5 pc, Onions 2 pcs., Bulgarian pepper 3-4 pc. Potatoes 4-5 pc., Fresh greens, sunflower oil 50 g., salt, pepper , garlic 2-4 cloves.
In hot pan nalit kostryulyu or sunflower oil, put meat (ed), a little bacon, stirring. Aubergines, tomatoes, potatoes cut sticks and Bulgarian pepper, and onion rings. Meat simmer 10-15 minutes and then layer over layer onto vegetables in pots. First sloy-kartofel, vtoroy-baklazhany, tretiy-pomidory, chetvertyy-repchaty onion, pepper pyatyy-bolgarsky. Cover and simmer lid on slow-fire within 35-40 minutes, not stirring. Add cold boiled water to avoid podgoralo. Add finely chopped garlic and fresh herbs, and simmer another 5 minutes. Attention! The best way to allow separate meat and vegetables separately, each layer. Serve not stir.

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