Meat po-prazdnichnomu

1.5 kg. a good boneless pork, 1 fine carrot, 1.5 head garlic, 100-150 ml. sunflower (preferably olive) oil, 1 large lemon, salt and spices to taste.
Slice carrots and garlic finely and not very nashpinguyte their meat. Then natrite meat with salt and spices (I use black and red pepper, and Chinese spices Khmeli suneli) and put into deep bowl. Onion vydavite top oil and lemon. Place in refrigerator and overturn every 2 - 3 hours to evenly promarinovalas; all same marinovat 12 - 14 hours. Furnace Otherwise, the usual way to the small flames at least 3 hours, basting mixture maslyano-limonnoy remnants, and then just hot water. During the hour before the meat ready Parmesan potato, which ispekutsya normally. Thus cooked meat can be recommended even to those who do not shift the conventional meat-baked taste by marinovki here it is almost entirely killed!

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