Meat rolls Udivi "guests"

Meat (lean pork or veal) 1 kg., Bread 200 gr., Milk 1 glass, salt, pepper, spices, eggs, cheese 2 pcs., Vegetables (onion, carrot, Pasternak) to 2 pc., Salted cucumbers 3 pc. , steep boiled eggs 6 pc., mushrooms fresh 0.5 kg., Bank of mayonnaise, cheese 200 gr.
Forcemeat kotletny cook meat (can be mixed beef and pork or beef fat added) zamochennogo milk and bread allow, poperchit and season, and add raw eggs to knead well. At leaf foil, or polyethylene film onto Forcemeat layer 1 cm and leveling it. Grease Forcemeat mayonnaise and sprinkle Grated cheese. At Forcemeat stripes onto roasted vegetables, mushrooms, crushed boiled eggs, salted cucumbers cut pieces, you can add any products that tell fantasy-herring, green peas, olives, dried apricots, nuts, above all, to combine ingredients to taste among themselves. Above all sprinkle Grated cheese. Gently roll collapse, parallel stripes skid nachinki gradually run film or foil. Golden roll at protiven, densely to coat with its mayonnaise and sprinkle liberally Grated cheese. Turpentine in oven 20-30 minutes.

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