Meat rolls

1 kg of beef, 1 kilogram of pork, carrots, onions, mushrooms (mushrooms) 500 d.
Meat preferably in the form of buy cube that has been conveniently cut. First, take a sharp knife and beef cut in the form of accordion, ie that as a result poluchilas solid band (in principle can be done simply too large a piece of meat), discourage well, sprinkle with salt, pepper and other spices, mayonnaise can be a little grease, then the same way to proceed with the pork and put it on beef, a top polovit nachinku cooked. All of this together Wrap, band tow, and mayonnaise to coat with all the minutes in oven at 45. For cooking nachinki need to grate carrots on a large cucumbers, onions cut is not very finely, cut the mushrooms and fry story with the above onion and carrot. You can add the grated cheese.

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