1 kg offal (pork legs, beef ears, tail), 2 onions, in the 1 / 2 root and carrots, parsley, 4 tbsp wine vinegar, 2 g pepper dushistogo, 6 g garlic, Cinnamon, cloves, bay leaf, salt.
Pork processing stalks and cut along; tube to remove bone and flesh feet cut in half. Uschi and singed tail, well washed, cut in 4 - 5 pieces. All lay down in the pot, fill with cold water and brew with little kipenii 40 minutes. Then, to remove the products pelmeni, folded into other dishes and fill protsezhennym broth, add a peeled onion, carrot, parsley root, wine vinegar, pepper dushisty, cloves, and koritsu ready to brew. At the end of cooking bay leaf, tuck in Grated salt and garlic. Submit muzhuzhi cold form with waxy broth.

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