Sea scallops Crockpot

Sea scallops, flour, salt, olive oil, tomatoes, tomato juice, sauce, parsley, Kinza, lemon juice.
In bowl nasypaem flour and add salt to it (to taste). Garnished before bedtime razmorozhenye and paper napkins to roll in flour and place in hot griddle in with oil (olive better). Grill for about 5 minutes. The second component is preparing dishes like: tomatoes stored in the pot (if the summer, the ripe fresh, if not the season, then peeled canned along with juice). In fresh tomatoes added tomato juice (add a little sauce to the severity of acute). Then finely cut parsley (can be our native, and the French can can be added to the parsley to smell and moist cilantro). Green should be many. Then to add tomatoes with herbs pressed garlic. As a minimum, you need big guy and Juicy Five. Here's to the semis, and to shift from the pan roasted scallops. Place on medium fire for three minutes, then put out the fire and reduce even five minutes. Give cool. Do not forget the main thing is how many scallops, and only c tomatoes. Everything else's taste: pogusche-pozhizhe, greens pobolshe-pomenshe also applies to garlic and spices, if desired, can be added, namely dushistogo pepper, lavrushki, coriander seeds. Serve and can be cold and warm. Can who likes sprincle ready scallops and lemon juice. Kushayte to health, mozzarella dry white wine

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