"Carrots" spoke with meat

Meat (any lean), carrots, vegetable oil, soy sauce, Onions, adzi-no-moto, garlic, sesame families, vinegar
Meat clear from the tapes sharp knife and cut thin slices at lengths up to 5 cm and a thickness of 0.5, see Quickly grill the meat well in hot vegetable oil, add the soy sauce, onion nashinkovanny, adzi-no-moto hot and continue until not until onions become golden. To fill out the hot beef broth or water and simmer until full meal ready meat. Chill. Meantime, cook carrots: it cut straws and allow slightly. After a while fusion of carrot juice and heat Mix with the meat, add the garlic, vinegar and sesame families. This will also be the tastiest dish, if you place it on the day in the refrigerator. ADZI-NO-MOTO (sodium glutamate, veydzin, adinomoto), a white crystalline powder, and the multiplier improves flavor of many dishes; divorced with salt in the water, said to taste chicken and mushroom mixture bulonov. He gives specific taste dishes of Southeast Asia.

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