Monastic honey

1 kg. honey, 3 liters. the water 2 tsp hop.
Med place with water and boil for weak flames over 3 hours. In the gauze of hops, small stones and blindfolded her "uzelkom" deleted in the pot with honey (rock was needed to hop not vsplyval. Med with a hop boil for an hour, periodically as adding boiling hot water. Remove with honey fire and still warm protsedit through gauze in glass or wooden pots. The tank must be filled to more than 4 / 5 of its capacity. Utensils remain in the warmest point (from stoves, batteries) for the fermentation of honey. Normally, it begins in two-day after Mead Sweren. perebrodit When Mead (shipet longer), poured a 1 / 2 cup of good zavarennogo tea (1 teaspoon of tea for a glass of boiled water). then honey, not impeding, protsedit through the mud (slightly better times). Protsezhenny honey is now ready for use. however, especially an excellent taste it acquires in a year storage in a cool place.

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