6 cooked cooked eggs, 1 Bank preserved salmon, 1 head onions, 250 grams of cheese (preferably acute and solid), 1 Bank mayonnaise.
Separate the yolks from proteins. Proteins finely and cake at the bottom of dishes with bortikami not very deep. Proteins grease mayonnaise. Finely porubit Onions, optionally can fill it with boiling water and soak that came down bitterness. Onions grease mayonnaise. At onions onto razmyaty forks or narublenny salmon (boneless), and mayonnaise. Then put Grated cheese, mayonnaise and finely HAJASTAN yolks. Mayonnaise should not be too much, otherwise all this will be like a liquid porridge. This salad is better prepare the evening to the morning before he postoyal in the refrigerator, but keep the pieces form.

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