Mussels baked with spinach

2 kg of mussels, 50 g butter, 2 c t. smetana spoons, 1 liter of water 1 bulbs, schepot saffron, salt, black pepper, 1 c t. spoon vinegar, 100 g spinach
Thoroughly wash the mussels, using a brush, in several waters. Pripustit finely chopped onion in 25 g of butter, there is an mussels, peremeshivaya that they mixed with onions and butter. Simmer a few minutes, closing the lid. Select ENVSEC spinach, wash them, provide water and liquid separately pripustit in remaining butter oil, nakryv lid. To remove the mussels from the pot, boiled uvarit at 3 / 4 and gently merge it into another pot, leaving the sand if it is. C infusions allow cast, poperchit add Saffron, vinegar and smetana, shoot down besom. To remove the flesh from the shells, butter cake at the blurry oil protiven spinach first, and then fill meat and mussels prepared mixture. Turpentine spirits locker in a few minutes.

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