Dough: 1 / 2 cup sugar, 1 / 3 cup honey, 1 egg, 100 g of butter, 1.5 cups flour 1 / 2 hours spoon soda, vinegar barred. Cream: 1 glass of sugar, 200 g of butter, 2 / 3 cup honey, 1 glass of clear-cut walnut, 2 st. spoon cocoa.
Flour porubit with oil, add eggs, soda, honey, sugar, zamesit soft dough. Divide it into two equal parts and ispech two cakes, smazav pre-form pan or drenched with oil. Ispechennye cake covered towel to avoid vysyhali. Prepare cream: Mix the sugar with honey and butter oil, brew to slow the flames, stirring constantly, until butter and sugar dissolve. Do not deduct from fire, add cocoa and clear-cut nuts, bring to boil and brew another 5 minutes. Warm korzhi put on the board, rub hot cream and immediately sharp knife cut it to the square cakes, okunaya knife in cold water. No buffer cakes until they are cooling.

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