Raspberry Rolls

3 large eggs, 3.5 st. spoon molten sugar sand, 0.5 cups of flour to nachinki and riding: 4 Art. spoon crimson jam, sugar powder.
Pastry confectionery products is very popular among many chefs. No festive table is not without a large cake with whipped cream, chocolate-coated or decorated with pieces of fruit. Grease the form of oil. Mix eggs with the sugar until receiving air mixture. Mix in flour. Golden prepared in the form of surface and skin. Bake in a cupboard spirits at a temperature 220 ° C 7-10 minutes until dough will not lag behind the edges of the form and not purchase bledno-zolotisty color. Pockets of rags layer forms on paper, prisypannoy powder sugar. Rub roll and crimson jam Wrap tightly. To pour some more sugar powder on the tray and unparliamentary.

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