Crimson biscuits

4 Art. flour, 1 st. sand, 200 gr. margarine or butter, 2-3 eggs, 500 gr. Olive crimson jam, 1 / 2 ch.l soda, sugar powder.
Eggs eggs with sugar until white, razmyagchennoe add butter or margarine, soda, and Delicate, adding flour, dough zamesit very cool. Dough divided into two equal parts. One part rolled in a ball, covered napkins and give polezhat at Refrigeration 20 - 30 minutes. Another part of velvety seam thickness 5-7 mm. Plast pass on protiven, blurry fat for baking and sort students to smooth layer of marmalade. If unnecessary testing, his kicking with the edges, giving the correct seam rectangular shape. Another portion of the test to grate on the large cucumbers over protivnem, flakes evenly covering the whole surface. Two top-three places do punctured fork to break steam and put in the hot cabinet for baking (about 25-30 minutes.) Manufactured biscuits sprinkle top with sugar powder and cut into small squares or rombiki.

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