Onion Pie for Dummies

Dough: margarine 75 g, smetana 3 st. l., flour 1 glass. Nachinka: 4 large onions, 1-2 st.l. flour. Obsypka-obmazka: 2 eggs, 2 st. l. smetana, 50-100 d. solid Grated cheese (more severe). + sunflower oil
Onions rezhete polukoltsami and obzharivaete in oil when almost ready posypaete flour. Onions should be golden. When he became such fire and withdraw from ostuzhaete. Nachinka ready. Now dough. Mixing ingredients, zameshivaete kolobochek. It need not torn. Cream: vzbivaete eggs with fork smetana. Obsypka: three cheese on cucumbers. After this form smazyvaete piece of margarine, vykladyvaete thin layer of dough on it, nachinku, smazyvaete cream and posypaete obsypkoy. And in the oven (200 degrees) for 35-40 minutes. Until zarumyanitsya as it should.

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