Lithuanian Gingery Kvas

800 g of rye bread (or 500 grams rzhanyh Lucrezia), 300 g of apple syrup, 300 g sugar, 36 g pressed yeast, 6 grams ginger, 5.5 liters of water.
Bread dried or oxygen steep fill with boiling water and left to the 5 - 6 hours. The resulting wort poured into a receptacle. Ginger brew in the water 20 minutes, then protsedit, fill in breadfruit wort, bring to boil and cooled. Add apple syrup, sugar, yeast, divorced in warm boiled water and left to ferment. Utensils with wort close lid and put in a warm place to maintain the required temperature (20-25 o C) at 6-10 hours. When a dense foam, gently lift it. Protsedit, distribute liquid in the bottle without having to fill up to the top, close the bottle tightly samples. And put in the cold. After 12 hours Kvas ready.

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