Lemon Cake

For the dough: 100 g margarine, 100 g of butter, 3 cups flour, 3 / 4 sticks of yeast, 1 / 2 tsp salt. For nachinki: 1-1.5 lemon, 1 cups sugar sand.
Kladete in bowl butter, margarine and flour and hands peretiraete are petty kroshku. The yeast in the warm milk razvodite and immediately add to dough. Vymeshivaete dough, do it on the three ball and not giving approached, put in 40 minutes in the refrigerator. Until dough in the refrigerator do nachinku: lemons as possible from the pits and purify along with the skinned skip through Mincer, add sugar and all Delicate. Dough must be torn quite delicately (~ 0.5 cm) in the first half seam vykladyvaete nachinki top second lens, and the remaining third nachinka seam. Edges need zaschipit well protected and do not forget dessert at several locations before placing in the oven, but it can vytech nachinka. Place cake in a cold oven and pechete at 2000C until ready (~ 40 minutes). PS Hot Cake gorchit bit, so there before, you should give him a good cool.

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