Lastochkino nest of veal.

700-800 g veal, 5 eggs, 100 grams of white bread, 0.5 cups milk, 2 onion, 500 g tomatoes, roasted peppers, peas pepper, salt to taste, parsley greens, 5-6 st.l. oil, 1 st.l. flour.
Pulp veal skip through Mincer, add raw eggs, white bread (tentatively namochenny milk), herbs parsley, roasted pepper and Onions, chopped cucumbers on, allow to taste, carefully place, divide Forcemeat into 8 equal parts, of which the wet-handed sformovat balls. In each of them, and to make deeper halves of boiled eggs cooked protein Above. The resulting cake * * slots in saucepan and fill sauce, cooked as follows: 5-6 Art. l. oil grill 1 st.l. flour. Cook tomatoes, proteret them through the screen and received juice razvesti flour, Debbie finely chopped parsley and pepper greens peas. Utensils with slots * * tightly close the lid and put in a moderately hot oven. Simmer until cooked. Submit to a table, tentatively ohladiv.

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