Polish panettone

1.5 kg of flour, 1 glass of milk, 2 cups cream, 50 g of fresh yeast, 10 eggs, 800 g of sugar.
Glass hot milk, hot cream and flour carefully place, to the mass cool to a temperature of pairs of milk. Add divorced in a little milk and yeast vspenivshiesya two eggs, and Delicate, napkins surname dough, put in a warm place for fermentation. When the dough rise, add the remaining yolks, rastertye red on one half of sugar and proteins, whipped on the other half of sugar in the thick foam. Mix gently Massi (top-down), adding remaining flour dough and allow to rise a second time. Then test drive carefully, in an podpylennuyu lubricated with oil and flour form, filling it to a half. Allow the dough to rise again. Vypetat until ready at a temperature of 180 degrees. Paska for Dough should be very well vymeshano. For this vyvalivayut dough on a table or board and beaten until not appear on the surface bubbles.

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