Espresso found in a house

TESTO: 1 st.l. butter or margarine can take "RAMU, 1 cups sugar, 2 eggs, 1 glass of smetana (can be replaced prostokvashey, kefir or their mixture), 1 ch.l. soda, 3 st. flour (amount depends on the density smetana or her substitute), NAOLNITEL: everything that you find in the house, such as: honey, any fresh berries or fruits, jam or marmalade, cocoa powder, the crust of lemon or orange, nuts, raisins, with banana very well-the number is not limited
Proteret butter and sugar, add 2 eggs, Mix thoroughly. Sour cream or substitute nalit in the glass, add 1 ch.l. Mix soda and, in the turbulent process of reawakening soda immediately pour mixture into pots for the test. Add flour, bringing density test to "density thick smetana." Then put the filling: if cherno-smorodinovoe jams, get the dough blue, and green sable at the breakdown. Do not panic. Tasty with fresh cherries, with honey, with porezannysm bananas. Form sprinkle breadcrumbs or flour and baking at 180-200 degrees about 40 minutes, until zarumyanitsya.

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