Potato Surprise (Alou salad)

7-8 potato medium size with a pink skin (approx. 1 kg), 4 st. l. ghee, 1 / 3 cup (30 grams), cashew nuts or hazelnut, Pieces of 3 Art. l. narublennoy fresh cilantro and parsley, 1 / 4 hours l. freshly black pepper, 1 1 / 4 hours l. salt, 2 st. l. lemon juice, 1 / 2 st. l. Indian cumin seeds (Jeera), roasted without oil and coarsely rastolchennyh, 1 cups (250 ml) smetana or fatty yogurt, 1 / 3 cup (80 ml) lean milk, 1 schepot roasted red pepper, acute (kayenskogo) or sweet (paprika )
Cook potatoes until soft skin. Make sure that no perevarilsya. Ostudite slightly, remove the skin and chop cubes (1.5 cm). Store in salatnitsu. Heat ghee or vegetable oil on the flames average. Add pieces of cashew nuts or hazelnut, and constantly stir, fry until golden brown. Lard, along with nut butter for potatoes. Add remaining ingredients and gently toss hands or a wooden spoon to mix salad refueling. Serve room temperature or chilled, posypav kayenskim pepper or paprika.

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