Squid, stuffed mushrooms

Several carcasses squid (preferably envy), butter oil, mushrooms (mushrooms and can be), onions, eggs and cheese all varieties, green onions, fresh herbs for nachinki, smetana, mayonnaise, flour, salt, black pepper
Clear carcass "cold" way - that is, by placing the squid in cold water (never obdavat carcasses boiling water, as believed!), And sharp knife deduct top belo-rozovuyu removing the skin and intestines. The process of painstaking enough, but it's worth it-all remain in the preparation of useful substances and mild flavor. Passeruem onions in butter until golden-colored oil, add the mushrooms until obzharivaem polugotovnosti and mixing it with all the pre-cheese cheese, finely porublennymi boiled eggs, green onion and herbs. Nachinyaem mixture of squid. Open province carcasses or zashivaem or zakalyvaem zubochistkami (if reluctant to tinker). Next carcasses in deep vessel type, or huge pots with thick walls. Finished sauce: smetana and mayonnaise mixed in a proportion of one - that is smetana glass to glass mayonnaise, add a little flour, salt and pepper to taste. Zalivaem squid sauce and set fire to the middle.

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