Cold egg sauce

2 eggs, 2 hours the average severity spoon mustard, 1 small bulbs, 1 st. spoon oil from walnut, 4 st. spoon yogurt, salt, pepper white pepper, 1 bundle luka-rezantsa.
Cook eggs cooked over 10 minutes, and then to pour over them with cold water, remove the shell and cool. Cut eggs in half along. To remove the yolks and mustard together with a fork in razmyat deep dish. Proteins to chop finely and mix with zheltkami. Clear and onion to chop it very finely. Put in eggs. Add butter of walnuts and yoghurt and all Mix thoroughly To add salt to salt and pepper sauce. Categories under the jet of water chive, to shake off drops and finely chop. Mix the sauce with. Egg sauce filed for cold meat. It is very tasty with cucumbers and kohlrabi and perfectly complements meat Fondue.

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