Goulash, are also seated Change

Sauerkraut 250-300 g, Figure 0.5 cups, meat beef (or chicken can be substituted for canned meat), 200 g of smetana, onion, garlic.
At the pan or in pressure cooker nalit sunflower oil (1-1,5 cm). Onions sliced rings to chop garlic finely and fry. Meat cut diced 2 X2. To toast together with onions until pobeleniya, and allow poperchit. Add cabbage and simmer kvashenuyu to slow the flames minutes 30 (in the pressure cooker 20 minutes). If cabbage dry, add a cup of water sex. Figure rinsed and continue to simmer along with the cabbage. Add liquid at the rate of 1 glass of rice-3 cups water (you will need to take into account the liquid has been added). Simmer minutes 20 in the usual pan and 10 minutes in the pressure cooker. Add smetana, promeshat well, bring to boil and allow to stand minutes 10. Just mind, as they say, otesh!

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