Pear Cake

For the dough: 200 g. of flour, 100 g of soft butter, 2 eggs, 75 g. of sugar, 1 pinch soli.Dlya cover: 80 g. oil .. 100 g sugar powder, 1 kg. fresh pears.
Of flour, butter, eggs, sugar, salt and vymeshat flat dough and place it on the cold for about 1 hour. Frying brass cabinet to 180 on. To melt in the form of thick-walled baking (or griddle) butter with sugar. Pears clearing of the skin, cut each in half, remove the heart. Grinder flesh and cloves in the form factor for baking. Once again put the form on the plate, and heat until the sugar begins to zagustevat. Then remove the form of plates. Dough and velvety to the top of pears. Bake pear pie in the closet when dehovom held at 30 min. After baking cake to cooling a bit, and then crash it into the top pear dish. Serve pie warm.

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