The mushrooms with herb sauce of bacon

200 town without bacon crust, 50 g. butter or margarine, 450 g. young mushrooms, cut in half, 3 st. without top spoons flour, salt, pepper, 1 st. spoon lemon juice, 2 st. spoon chopped fresh parsley.
Sort bacon in a single layer in a large flat dish. Covered loose absorbent paper and keep in power level 10 2-3 min until the bacon is not svaritsya. His paper to dry out, coarsely chop and serve as a serviznuyu dish. Place oil in a medium-sized bowl and rastaplivat with power level 10 45 sec. Add mushrooms and brew with the power level 10 4-5 min until the mushrooms will not be soft. Spoon mushrooms with a shift in the hole plate with bacon, Delicate. Add flour in the remaining butter. Then gradually vlivat milk. To prepare, with power level 10 4-5 min until the mixture is not boiled. Pomeshivat vigorously and often. Allow, poperchit, add the lemon juice, parsley. Pour sauce mushrooms and bacon, Mix well. Keep in power level 10 1-2 minutes.

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