Black dot of eggs and tomatoes

8 tomatoes, 10 eggs, 1 fresh cucumber or apple, 40 g. Celery, 50 g. green salad, 30 town green peas, 1 carrot, 3 / 4 cup mayonnaise, salt to taste.
Treated and washed apples, Celery root to grate on the large holes cucumbers or sliced thin straw, cucumbers and boiled, diced carrots, boiled eggs, tomatoes and green salad nashinkovat. Cut vegetables and green peas mix, and allow tuck in a bit of mayonnaise sauce with the South. " It boiled eggs with the fiber end unearth 1 / 6 part so they kept steadily at the plane. A mature tomato (on the part of the stalk), a quarter of the limelight, with the help of a tea spoon to remove the seeds and they covered every tomato thin end of boiled eggs. Then tomatoes from the paper cone filled with small holes at the end, or using matches to cause white point of mayonnaise, and the bottom of eggs (counterfoil fungus) lightly grease mayonnaise and sprinkle protertymi through screen zheltkami boiled eggs. In salatnitsu broad flat bottom or on the cake dish filled mayonnaise salad, and it "fungi". To decorate their herbs parsley or lettuce leaflet. Separately, the "fungus" file mayonnaise.

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