Meat and cabbage with apples

Meat 0.5 kg, apples 2 pcs., Cabbage 1 head, onion bulb 0.5 kg salt 1 h. l., spices 0.5 h. l., carrots honey 1 pc., vegetable oil 50 g
Cook for golubtsov kaputsnye leaves. For nachinki to chop onion. Apples, removing seredku, cut slices and mix with onions. Pieces discourage meat, shredded fine straw, allow, poperchit, together with a finely chops narublennym onions (without apples). At prepared to nachinku leaves, cabbage and shared their threads to tie round. In the blurry oil pan or pot deep layer of onions with apples on it - stuffing. If golubtsov many such made before the top layer pans. In the pan, where obzharivalos meat, pour hot water, boil, add salt to taste, spices and bay poluchivshimsya cabbage sauce, simmer them about half an hour. Then merge sauce, eggs, it slices rye bread or honey carrots, cabbage again, and pour in about half an hour to put up to readiness.

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