Doves in madere

4 dove polbutylki madery French or Spanish, you can port, about 30 olives pitted, olive oil, Italian vinegar "colored" fresh cumin, 3 tomatoes, prunes, raisins, fresh grapes, garlic, onions, mini-morkov.
Typically French dish. Blue obzharivayutsya in olivkom oil; separately obazhrivayutsya head small onions, carrots. In a pot with carrot and dove polubylki madery or entering the port, close lid and preparing minutes 10. Then added olives, prunes razmochenny advance or raisins (can join), garlic, cumin, salt, bay leaf, if desired, a little dushistogo peas. Preparing another 15 minutes. You must rotate pigeons. If not raisins or prunes, can be put to fresh grapes for 5 minutes before the end of extinction. Optionally, you can razmyat apple sauce, Jeollanam thus garnish of apple puree. Serve with pudding or fresh beans. Wine-red, it is better to Burgundy.

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