Dutch omelet

100 d. very good pork fat, 2 - 3 small potato, 1 average bulbs, 80-100 d. any firm cheese, 3 - 4 eggs, spices to taste.
More rarely, thin slices of pork, and they laid the bottom of the pan all, it izzharivaem way that lard natopilos as much as possible. Then heat ibid. cleaned and finely chopped potato slices. When it's almost ready, posypaem his finely chopped onion, then all the cheese and then zalivaem raw eggs, vzboltannymi with spices (I use black and red pepper, and Khmeli suneli Vegetu instead of salt). Immediately close to the cap and get ready, and then insist under the cover of another 15-25 minutes. The idea is that the whole fat vytopivshiysya met earlier in the omelet-received ideally soskakivaet himself with the pan. Serve with the sauce and beer.

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