Herring in the beer

About 1 kg of pork in one piece, 0.5 liters of beer, black pepper peas, bay leaf. Garnish: Potatoes Sauce: 1-2 tea spoons flour, spices.
Wash piece of pork, golden (not gently) on gauze or linen napkins and gently engage. Place the bundle in a small pot (on the sides not to leave much space), and fill with cold water. Put pot on the fire and brew 5-10 min. (depending on the thickness of a piece: if a piece of pork almost round, the 10 min. if flat-then 5 min. then merge water, to remove pork from napkins and put back in the pot. Add pepper and bay leaf, and to fill in the beer fire. bring to the boil, reduce the light, close the cover, and simmer until cooked. readiness Check buzheniny very simple: just grab a thin wooden sticks and a piece until mid protknite. appears If the troubled (white or pink) juice, then extinguish should continue. A after protykaniya a transparent juice, then baked ready. Vynut buzheninu finished at the plate and on the sides of golden fried or baked potatoes, fill sauce. Sauce can be prepared after the extinguishing of the remaining broth buzheniny. This added to the broth and flour Mix thoroughly. Set light, add spices to taste and brew 1-2 minutes, stirring constantly until sauce is not boiled.

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