With cheese sandwiches

White bread is 200 grams, cheese (such as Russian) 150 g, garlic 2 clove, Khmeli suneli, mayonnaise 100 grams, vegetable oil for heat. For ornaments sandwiches tomatoes 1 pieces-. Fresh or salted cucumbers 1 pc., Herbs parsley, dill.
Cut the bread slices, about 0.7 mm thick and with one hand chops to vegetable oil until golden crust education. Place roasted side up in a single layer and provide cool. When bread is cool, roasted garlic crust to grate. Prepare filling: cheese to grate at the smallest cucumbers, add Khmeli suneli (give spicy taste), and mix with mayonnaise, so that the mass can be obtained conveniently plaster bread. Then rub slices prepared with neobzharennoy side. Sandwiches rings decorate tomatoes, cucumber slices, herbs, etc.

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