Bulochki-ulitki - interleaved with the Nut nachinkoy

300 g flour, 2 yolks raw eggs, 50 g sugar, 30-40 g pressed yeast, 60 g margarine for diving test, 60 g raisins, 30 grams of cocoa powder, 0.5 ch.l. hammer cinnamon, pinch of salt, Grated lemon peel, 1 glass of milk (or how many will dough), 1 st. l. sugar powder.
Fresh pressed dissolve yeast in the half cup of warm milk, add 1 ch.l. sugar, 2-3 st.l. vymeshat leavened dough and flour. Sprinkle flour surface and leavened dough to come in the warm spot. In addition finished leavened dough egg yolks, salt, Grated lemon zest and flour mixture proseyannuyu. Vymeshat thick soft dough, adding a little warm milk, and allow it to rise in the warm place to increase by about half. The finished dough shift to the table vspylenny flour and velvety in the near-centimeter thick seam. Margarine sliced thin plates, cover them prepared dough seam, folded his envelope and velvety. This raskatku repeat three times, every 15 minutes. Raskatanny final test seam slightly grease melted margarine, sprinkle crushed nuts, cocoa powder, a major sugar sand, cinnamon and raisins. Nachinku slightly vdavit layer of dough in the hands and rolled it into a tight roll rulet.Narezat thick 2-3 cm pieces, pack them flat on the sheet, lubricated with oil and flour bestrewn, and provide well rasstoyatsya.Vypekat bun in the oven moderate heat until golden in color. The surface of the hot bread grease to strew with melted margarine and sugar powder.

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