Ukrainian Bulochki-pampushki with garlic

3 cups flour, 1 glass of water, 10-15 g slabs of yeast, 1 st.l. vegetable oil, 1 st.l. sugar, 1 ch.l. salt. For lubricating: 1 egg. Garlic sauce: 3-4 periodontal garlic, 1 st.l. vegetable oil, 2 st. l. boiled cold water.
Kole it to us today was the present Ukrainian Borsch, a sin not lead recipe baking bulochek- pampushek * * for this wonderful dish. Of all the products offered recipe, vymeshat bezoparnoe grade yeast dough. Give it up well, and to besiege veselkoy to rise again. Divide dough from finished, small (with walnuts) balls, stow them on the blurry oil protiven and give rasstoyatsya. Grease surface vzbitym egg and baked in a hot oven until light podrumyanivaniya surface. Ready to lodge the hot donuts Borsch, their top obmaknuv, grease-covered egg, part of garlic sauce. To crush garlic sauce with garlic salt, mixing vegetable oil, boiled cold water and thoroughly crush all. Consistency sauce should be thick as smetana.

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