Borscht Kiev

30 g of beef, 30 g of mutton, 60 g beets, 80 g of cabbage, 70 grams of potatoes, 10 grams of beans, 10 g carrots, 5 grams Celery Root, 5 g root parsley, 15 g onions onion, 80 grams or 15 grams tomato tomato - puree, 20 grams mochenyh apples, 100 g soft beet, 5 g sala-shpik, 10 g butter ghee, 5 g sugar, 15 g smetana, pepper dushisty peas, bay leaf, salt, herbs parsley, dill, to taste. Kvass svekolny: at 10 liters Universe: 4 kg of beet, 12 liters of water.
In Ukraine, Borsch usually prepared with red beet or kvasom from it. For added flavor, and the severity kvas-syrovets, serum or maslyanku (liquid remaining after cooking oil and cheese), and in the placement on the table during the holidays zabelivali smetana. At Podolia Borsch preparing dough for a special Kvas of zaparennyh rzhanyh cuts - gris. To add flavor Borsch acute pepper red peppers, especially prevalent in the south of Ukraine. Beef fill beetroot kvasom (water) and ready to brew. Sliced Tomato, pripustit at toplenom oil and proteret through the screen. Straw sliced beets simmer in broth with finely chopped mutton. Onions and sliced roots and straw spasserovat on fat disposed broth. In bouillon cubes of sliced potatoes, cabbage and shinkovannuyu brew 5-7 minutes, then add spasserovannye roots, tushennuyu lamb with beets, mashed tomatoes, cut apples mochenye tentatively otvarennuyu beans, cheese repchatym rastertoe with onions and herbs salom-shpik parsley, bay leaf, pimento pepper peas, sugar, salt, svekolny Kvas. When submitting to the plate to smetana and sprinkle herbs. Kvass svekolny: Sveklu cleaned and rinsed. Part beets (1 / 5) cut slices, pack them with the goal beet mixture, fill cold boiled water and put in a dark place to ferment. After the fermentation process Kvas move in a cold place, and after 13-15 hours, he is ready. Whenever you want to use it tops cold boiled water (4-5 times), and periodically remove mold.

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