Dish out fish fillets

Any fish fillet, pancake parlor flour, salted cucumbers, mayonnaise.
Every so in frityurnitse: Treatment fillet into small pieces, size 4 cm in length and 1 cm, sotvestvenno in shirinu.Razvodim flour with water, so that the dense get messivo, parralelno raskochegarivaem frityurnitsu.Obvalivaem pieces in the batter and kidaem in boiling oil, otskakivaem not to jump, you must fillet promaknut napkins, only 4-5 pieces so they are not stuck together until the fish takes golden hue, three cucumbers in large cucumbers and add mayonnaise, on the proportions of the eye so that poluchilis cucumbers with mayonnaise. Let fish, make liquid oils, but to whom it is not enough, it can be put again on napkins to oil vpitalos, abandoning regular portion.

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