Biscuit curd cake with cream

Sponge cookies: 3 eggs, 0.5 cups of sugar sand, 0.5 cups of flour. For impregnating: 0.5 cups water, 1 cups sugar sand, 1 teaspoon rum or romovoy essences. Cream: 400 g. solid curd, 200-250 g. cream, sugar to taste, 10 town of vanilla sugar, 1 tbs cocoa or chocolate chips.
Dough Mix eggs with the sugar, so that the mass tripled (better mixer). Mix, stir quickly, flour. The finished dough onto promaslennuyu in form. The bottom of the form zastelit parchment paper or rags. Bake in 200-220oC. The first 10-20 minutes Do not open oven to Sponge cookies are not villages. After baking leave at 2 o'clock cool. Then walk away form and permeate syrup (ice water with the sugar, add the rum or romovuyu essences). Quark vzbit cream with cream, adding sugar to taste, vanilla sugar. Then Sponge cookies grease cream and sprinkle on top of chocolate or cocoa.

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