Biscuit cake with lemon

250 d. neproseyannoy razryhlitelem with flour dough 1 ch.l. pekarnogo powder, 100 grams of sugar or simple demerara sugar, 150 grams of vegetable margarine, 150 ml of hot water, 2 st.l. malt extract, 3 lemon.
Sift flour into bowl and bakers powder, add sugar and mix carefully spoon. In a small pot to slow the flames to melt margarine and immediately to remove the plates. In razvedite hot water jug and malt extract. In a separate dishes finely natrite zest, add the dry ingredients and how to peremeshayte. Squeeze lemons, add the juice to the mixture of water and malt; stir until malt is not entirely dissipate. Heat oven. Prepare forms, a bit of butter smazav posypav butter and flour. How quickly melted margarine connect with the dry ingredients and mix thoroughly, immediately adding a mixture of water, malt and juice. A few seconds vzbivayte. Shift in form and put in oven. Cook 20-25 minutes, until crust is formed strong light-colored, or check the readiness sharp knife. Before remove biscuits from the forms, give them cool. Advance nagreyte oven to 200 * C. Use two forms to 23, see

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