Biscuit roll call "in the door"

Flour 1 st. Sugar 3 / 4 Art., Honey 2 st.l., eggs 3 pc., Soda 1 ch.l. (gashenaya) nachinka any.
In the bowl of eggs, sugar, honey, soda and flour-mixer vzbit, crash at protiven, margarine or grow blurry. oil, pour (a thin layer on the entire protiven) and put in oven, heated up to 200oC. Watching 5-7 minutes until golden in color! Nachinka multivariate - that is: 1. smetana with sugar-vzbit. 2. Grated rind of lemon with sugar. 3. any jam. Sponge cookies Ispecheny verify easily whether separated (bother if the bottom is easy). Grease nachinkoy, collapse in the roll.

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