Sponge cookies poppy

1 glass of poppy, 1 cups sugar 5 large eggs, 0.5 cups panirovochnyh Lucrezia, 20 g margarine for lubrication form 1 st.l. panirovochnyh Lucrezia for obsypki forms.
Mack fill with boiling water and leave for 2-3 hours. To strain off, skip through Mincer twice. Separated proteins of zabaglione. Vzbit yolks with the sugar, add the poppy and panirovochnye oxygen, Delicate. Proteins vzbit yearnings in the foam, gently Mix with dough, prepared to move in the form of (preferably semper). Bake in progretoy to 160-degree oven 40-60 minutes. Sponge cookies can be finished polit glazing or to strew with powder sugar.

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