Sponge cookies protein orange

For the dough: 8 protein, 200 g sugar powder, 80 grams of nuts, 100 grams ovsyanyh flakes, orange peel, cloves oranges. For nachinki: 8 zabaglione, 2 st.l. milk, 150 g sugar powder, 200 grams butter, 4 st.l. orange juice.
Of refrigerated egg protein vzbit dense foam, with the addition of sahrnuyu powder, and again vzbit. In the thick mass rastertye nuts, ovsyanye flakes, skipped through the Mincer, and crushed orange zest. The finished dough onto a flat layer at the blurry oil and flour bestrewn protiven, who put in a moderately hot oven, and baked. The finished Sponge cookies cool, cut lengthways into three broad bands equal to rub nachinkoy and to each other. Top Sponge cookies to decorate Sliced oranges. For cooking nachinki yolks, milk, sugar, stirring constantly, until the flames to brew kashitseobraznoy mass education. Gradually add the melted butter in a chilled kashitsu and Delicate. Then pour orange juice, carefully place the mass.

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