Bigos (cabbage)

Frankfurter (sausage) - 8 pieces (4 pieces); Look-2 large heads Bulgarian pepper-1 long pepper; Tomato - 2 large pieces; Carrots-2 large pieces; Olives, about 15-20 pieces; CLB little bit of olive; Vegetable Oil (odorless); Cabbage-head at 2-3 kg, salt, spices, sauce.
At a large pan obzharivaem in oil (very hot) sausage, chopped sticks until crust. Eggplants sausages pass in Kazan. Then each ingredient obzharivaem vegetable oils also in the same pan in turn. The rationale is that since each component remains its juice to the pan - that adds piquancy. Main not to toast are all a bunch of Primitive. All components are roasted, in turn clasped in Kazan, well peremeshivaem, posypaem salt, spices, zalivaem 2-3 art. CLB tablespoons of olive and set on fire. Then, add the cabbage, rather coarsely chopped (or even turn into a porridge). Heavy crude Zalivaem cup cold water, which razmeshali 2 Art. spoon sauce quality. Simmer until preparedness, peremeshivaya, about 1-1,5 hours. Odor such that it is impossible abandoned family members of the kitchen.

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