Steak marsupial

250 g clippings. For nachinki: 20 g of butter, 60 g of fresh mushrooms, 3 grams parsley greens, 10 g tolchenyh Lucrezia, 3 g citric tsedry, half the eggs, salt, pepper black pepper, paprika molotaya. For garnish: fried potatoes and a green salad.
The first thing that comes to me in the head when I hear Australia * * * this kangaroo. And therefore propose to you today steaks Sumchaty * *, the name of which, perhaps, is devoted to these fascinating animals. Cut mushrooms coarsely heat 5 minutes, butter oil. Zwieback, parsley, lemon zest and vzbitoe Mix egg and pour into the pan. Tuck in a mass of salt, pepper black pepper, paprika, vymeshat well. Nadrezat piece of tenderloin in length, lay in the incision nachinku, stitch and fry in butter on both sides. Then meat withstand 2 hours in the oven at weak-fire, basting often resulting juice.

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