Bezyatiny (beze with cranberry)

4 protein, 1 st. sugar, Cranberry
Cook protein composition, as for normal Beze (four separate the protein from egg yolk, protein mixer until soft obrazvaniya yoghurt mass, gradually adding a glass of sugar sand (200 grams), to continue airing until mixture density cream). Zastelit protiven sheet with Ajax (can be normal paper, lubricated thin layer of butter or margarine). Confectionery syringe (or tea spoon) onto the form beze diameter 2.5-3 see at the top of each product, bogging slightly, to a selective, mature, and washed podsushennuyu cranberry. Turpentine in the oven at t = 180 degrees for 15-20 minutes. Band cabinet remains closed until the end of cooking. After cooling ovens beze removed from the dies and falls in your pre-cooked holiday crystal. Take the one you cooked Beze, please go to the mirrors, beze put in his mouth, try and look at the expression of his personality. Comments too. This is not only confectionery product, but also very pleasant, convenient and unobtrusive light snack to dry, dining room and fortified wines.

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